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Are you a professional real estate investor?  Just want to get started investing after binge watching zombie house flipping?  Either way, you will find yourself asking how do you find your next investment property?  To answer your question, the possibilities are endless.  Luckily, I’m going to spare you all the details and just provide a few strategies to find a great deal in this competitive 2017 real estate market.  Some of these strategies will provide your biggest return.

Three Key Strategies to finding your next Investment Property:

  • Bush Buys – Ever find yourself driving around a lot; especially within a mile or two of your house?  Of Course you do.  Next time you’re driving, keep your eyes out for potential fixer uppers or distressed properties.  You will be surprised at how many houses need some TLC.  When you see the next opportunity write down the address on a note pad and send the owner a letter.  The letter can be simple, just stating that you buy houses and would like to make a cash offer on their property.  Remember, a private money loan is the same as cash.
  • Wholesaler – When you see a bandit sign on the side of the street offering a great deal on a fixer upper Investment Property call it.  The person on the other line, often referred to as a wholesaler, may have several properties he or she is selling.  These properties are first come first serve, no-negotiation deals.
  • REO Agent – Although foreclosures and short sales are down nationwide (see prior blogs) a good REO agent will be an excellent source of distressed properties.  REO agents are able to get you an Investment Property before they hit the market.  Get the agent on the phone and beg 🙂

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