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Investor Loans Orlando

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Investor Loans Orlando

As a Real Estate Investor, Investor Loans can be very beneficial to you.  It’s important to research your options when looking for money.  Do you want a partnership, a private loan, or do you have that rich uncle?  Below are some of the advantages of getting an Investor loan for your next Fix and Flip property.

Use other people’s money (OPM) – The biggest advantage of using Investor loans in Orlando is that you get to use other people’s money.  Many experts believe you should use other peoples money whenever you can.  When you get an Investor Loan you only have to put up a small percentage of the money for the property, but you still get the benefit and the upside from owning the property.

Lower Interest Rates – Rates with Private Lenders have come down significantly in the last few years for numerous reasons.  If your lender is charging you 14 percent interest look for another lender.  When you get a low interest rate like you can with an Investor Loan Orlando, it can save you a substantial amount of money.  For the cost of the loan, it is usually well worth it to get a mortgage instead of using your own funds.  Remember, you are maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) by using leverage.

Extra Eyes – Many Private Lenders are Real Estate Investors, so use them as an extra set of eyes for your benefit.  Use their expertise in renovations, valuations, and possible discounts on relisting your property once the renovations are completed.  These added benefits will increase your profit.

Buy More Property – With the use of an Investor Loans Orlando, you can increase your investment power.  As you grow, you can buy more property.  With price increases it has become harder for most investors to come out of pocket for 100% of the purchase price and renovation costs.  You can use an Investor loan and put up 20% of the total costs.  This will let you buy more properties and increase your wealth.

Start Building Your Dream

Using an Investor Loans Orlando can be a great way to get involved in the real estate investment market. Real Estate can be a great way to build wealth by adding an extra income stream.  Get out there and find yourself a good local Lender.

If Fixing and Flipping houses is a part time gig or your full time job please check out how Capital Fundings can help you achieve your goals.  We offer great service, great rates and great terms AND our valued experience in the Central Florida Real Estate market.  Apply online now at


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